About Us

When I came home to Carroll County in 1998, my goal was retirement. With land on beautiful Little Reed Island creek, a new Kubota tractor, and children and grandchildren to visit me, I enjoyed quiet country living, fishing, entertaining, and traveling.  The work of general contracting, development, custom homes, and commercial work were all temporarily put behind me.

But soon a local demand for heritage-quality construction, starting with a few small jobs just for fun, had evolved into a full time, family-oriented, thriving contracting enterprise.  We are not a huge corporation, turning out cookie-cutter houses and cutting corners on cost.  I am proud to have attracted the fine craftsmen and talented team members we have working with us at RGC.  We are proud of our work, our credit, our ethics, and our reputation.

RGC’s office is in my home, our shop is in our barn.  I am a hands-on builder, spending most of my days on the jobsite. We do one job at a time, when we start a home, or any job, we finish it. We only leave a job long enough to get the next foundation ready so that we have work to do when that job is completed.

Being born and raised in Carroll County, I am committed to the beauty and charm of Southwest Virginia, and we will be around to warranty our work, built to the highest standards. We do all types of residential and commercial construction, from conventional construction to post and beam, log homes, log-sided homes, masonry, concrete and steel, and even a bridge here and there. My years of contracting experience incorporates time-proven methods with the latest in materials and design, consistently building structures to stand the test of time. Blending mountain homes with their natural environment to the best advantage, I truly enjoy my life here, my work, and our many wonderful customers.

Tom Richardson